2016 China Dragon Awards Winners List
CICSEP 2016 “China Dragon Awards”Submission Guidelines
2014 China Dragon Awards Winners List
Directions to Pavilion Hotel Shenzhen from HK Airport
2014 CICSEP Schedule
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Who will come?
1 Keiko Bang, CEO & Founder, Bang Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2 Alessandro Griffini, President,International Association for Media in Science
3 Markus Nikel, Consultant of International Coproduction of Documentaries,RAI
4 Paul Lewis, Board Member, WCSFP/President, Great Pacific Media
5 Martin Alexander, Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies & Harvest Films
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SUPPORTERS         China Association for Science and Technology
                                         State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television
HOSTS                       China Science Film and Video Association
                                         Shenzhen Association for Science and Technology
EXECTOR:                 IngDan.Com (Shenzhen) Ltd.
CO-ORGANIZERS   China Education Television
                                         China Central Television Science and Education Channel
                                         Beijing Science & Education Film Studio
                                         Huafeng Group of Meteorological Media
                                         China Agriculture Film and Television Center
                                         Communication University of China
                                         Shenzhen Media Group
                                         People's Government of Shenzhen Nanshan DistrictShenzhen
                                         Handle Capital Cultural Industry Investment Co. Ltd.

China Science Film and Video Association(CSFVA)
As a national mass organization engaged in researches and promotion of the development of science and educational films and television, China Science Film and Video Association was founded in July 1986 with Mr. Xia Yan as the Honorary President, Ms. Zhang Qing as the President and Mr. Kong Xiangjin as the Secretary General. In June 2013, members of the fifth council were elected with Mr. Gao Feng as the President and Mr. Liu Tonghai as the Secretary General (Mr. Liu Tonghai was also the Vice President).

The Mission Statement is CSFVA is to bring together practioners of science and education films and television in the country, enhance the academic and operational level, and help raise the level of production and distribution of science and education films and television programs.

CSFVA organizes the events of academic exchange, screening, scientific consultation and other professional events, hosts awards events of science and education programs and practitioners, and provides professional trainings to members. “Ke Lei Awards” is the top awards of China’s science and education awards and “China Dragon Dragon Awards is a prestigious international awards in the industry.

The association has under it a General Office, an Academic Committee, a Training Committee, a Cooperation Committee and an Organizational Committee. In August 1987, the association joined the International Association for Media in Science in Paris, France. Beginning in 1993, it became responsible for the evaluation of the Government Prize for science and technological television programs.


Shenzhen Science and Technology Association
The Shenzhen Science & Technology Association (SZSTA) was founded in May, 1982. In October 1993, the document (Shi Bian Wei [1993] No. 078) officially approved Shenzhen Science & Technology Association to co-locate with the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Science, Technology and Information (SZSTIB). In October 2004, according to the document (Shen Ban Fa [2004] No. 3) and the document (Shen Fu Ban [2004] No. 58), SZSTIB was set up to co-locate with SZSTA. In January 2007, according to the document (Shen Bian [2006] No. 135), SZSTA and SZSTIB were separated for operation. In September 2009, the Shenzhen Municipal Government conducted institutional restructuring. According to the document (Shen Fu Ban [2009] No. 100), the function of "organizing technological achievement reviews and technological innovation awards" was added to SZSTA, and three institutions including the Office of Shenzhen Science & Technology Expert Committee (the Office of Shenzhen Advisory and Review Committee on Technology Introduction) , Shenzhen Science & Technology Development Exchange Center and Shenzhen Science Museum were transferred to SZSTA for administration.
As a people's organization under the leadership of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, SZSTA aims to unite and organize scientific and technological workers to promote the prosperity, development and popularization of science and technology, promote the growth and improvement of technological talents, safeguard the lawful rights and interests of scientific and technological workers, and serve technological workers and organizations. SZSTA focuses on carrying out activities such as decision consultation, investigation and study, academic exchange, Shenzhen's technological exchange and cooperation with Hong Kong and foreign countries, science popularization and popular science resource construction, cementing relations between its subordinate organizations, cultivating, introducing, commending and recommending technological talents, and taking the lead to become a major participant in the regional innovation system, a provider of innovative city solutions, a constructor of innovative culture, a practitioner of domestic and overseas technological cooperation and a promoter of science and technology popularization.
By the end of 2009, SZSTA had owned 3 subordinate institutions, 71 city-level societies, more than 10,000 members, 6 district-level science & technology associations, as well as 43 popular science education bases at or above the city level.
IngDan is the biggest IOT Innovation platform in China with IOT supply chain as its core business, transforming concepts into actual products that make up one of the world's biggest IOT ecosystem. Right from its incorporation in 2014, IngDan has collaborated on 13,000 IOT projects, served 14215 supply chains and accumulated a fast growing fan base of 12,500,000.
Emulating the latest shared economy model which is supported seamlessly by its supply chain data framework, IngDan provides startup companies with one-stop shop services including software, cloud services, supply chain financing and marketing; completing the whole IOT ecosystem.
Cogobuy Group PLC has been striving to connect Greater Shenzhen manufacturing circles to the global IT infrastructure. A subsidiary of this largest O2O enterprise purchasing platform for electronics in China, IngDan has become the biggest IOT Innovation platform in China servicing startup companies and entrepreneurs in logistics management.
With its headquarter in Shenzhen, the O2O enterprise platform of IngDan covers Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing; occupying No.1 position in IOT Innovation platform for many cities in China. At the same time, IngDan will be expanding its footprint towards Silicon Valley, Israel, Italy, Korea and Hong Kong SAR; as such realizing a shining example for global sharing of enterprise services that connects Chinese manufacturing to global economy.
In order to practice genuine big data sharing, CogoBuy enables sharing of its supply chain resources with the customers of IngDan. Buoyed by the latest wave of innovations over the Chinese internet, IngDan will further revolutionize and premiumise the Chinese electronics industry.
With IOT Innovation and big data ventures, IngDan will evolve into an internet ecosystem. As a start, IngDan currently hosts ecosystems that involve Intelligent automobiles, intelligent homes, big data health, robotics and raw materials.
China Education Television
China Education Television (CETV), making it first broadcast on October 1, 1986, is one of the two national television stations in China. Affiliated to Ministry of Education, CETV is the largest public education platform in China, and is determined to become one of the largest study platforms in the world.
CETV owns five channels, an IRTV new media platform, China Education Mobile Newspaper, CENTV, and China Education Broadcast Newspaper, ranging from general education channel, distance education channel, to rural teachers’ training and nursling channels.
China Central Television Science and Education Channel (CCTV-10)
CCTV Science and Education Channel (CCTV-10) is an iconic specialized high-end channel that CCTV has been building. It was on air since July 9, 2001 with education, science and technology, culture and health as main themes, in pursuit the unity of “educational nature, scientific quality, cultural taste”, and with “recording changes of the times, shaping the national spirits, spread cultural traditions, and service the public” as its mission. The main program genre is documentary, with studio shows in support. Its daily air time is 20 hours. The ratio of male, high education, and urban audience is significantly higher than average nationwide.
As China’s No. 1 television platform for dissemination of knowledge of science, education, culture and health, CCTV-10’s content ranges from history, culture, society, high-end science and technology, daily science popularization, scientific inventions, science and technology news, geography and geology, natural humanities, medicine and health and others. It has 7 culture and education programs, 6 science programs,1 health programs, 4 media event brands, and 4 special programs broadcast in seasons.
Beijing Science and Education Studio
Established in 1960 based in Beijing China, BSEFS has been the largest science film production base and one of the leading documentary companies in the industry of China. It has become one of the major programmers of CCTV in 1995.  BSEFS produces more than 300 hours of documentary and other TV shows each year and still keeps a few number of 35mm film productions which are released in Chinese cinema system.  The studio owns a creative team of 180 professionals in TV and film. 
BSEFS has been active in cooperating with documentary broadcasters, independent producers and distributors in other countries.  As a Chinese fixer, the studio has provided service for some major broadcasters and production companies in north America and Europe.
Huafeng Group of Meteorological Media
Huafeng Group of Meteorological Media, China Meteorological Administration is the top industrial media in China, which produces national TV & radio weather forecast and releases prevention information of various disasters. It’s an important window for public service. In October 1981, Huafeng started to produce CCTV-1 News Weather Forecast for China Central TV. Nowadays, the program has developed to programs broadcasted on a dozen of channels. Its service has covered 95 countries and regions all over the world. According to the statistic, the amount of audience per day reaches 0.8 billion.
Huafeng commits itself to scheming, producing and marketing of environmental documentary, environmental cartoon and outreach program. The subjects cover climate change, natural disaster, human geography, geoscience etc. The progress of program scheming, producing and marketing is mature and professional.
China Agriculture Film & Television Center
China Agriculture Film & Television Center is affiliated to Ministry of Agriculture, set up on June 29, 1949 as China Agriculture Film Studio. Since the beginning, China Agriculture Film & Television Center, sticking to its mission of serving for agriculture, rural area, and farmers, is dedicated to popularize knowledge of agricultural science and promote advanced agricultural technology.
Since 1995, China Agriculture Film & Television Center took over the production of agricultural programs broadcast on CCTV Channel 7, which was co-established by Ministry of Agriculture and CCTV. Since it first broadcast on January 1, 1996, it now owns 11 programs with 8 hours of air time per day.
Almost a hundred of films produced by China Agriculture Film & Television Center won domestic or international awards. Its productions generate great social influence and economic benefits, and are well loved by the people who care about the agriculture, rural area and farmers.
Communication University of China (CUC)
The Communication University of China (CUC) is one of China’s key universities of “Project 211”. The predecessor of the school was a training center for technicians of the Central Broadcasting Bureau that was founded in 1954.
The CUC devotes itself to cultivate advanced and practical talents with multi-subject knowledge and creativity. Since its day of founding, the school has made such a great contribution to the national business of radio and television that it has gained the fames --- “a cradle of China’s radio and television talents” and “a well-known university in the field of information communication”. Now, there are 15,307 full-time students in the CUC, including 9264 undergraduates, 3512 candidates for doctor and master degrees, and 16780 students in programs of continuing education. Among the total 1897 staff members in the CUC, there is a strong faculty team of 1096 professionals, some of whom enjoy great fame both at home and abroad. 
The CUC has established an exchange and communication relationship with more than 200 renowned foreign universities and scientific research organizations of media. In addition, the CUC is one of the teaching units of Media and Women of the UNESCO, and the host of some international academic institutions. An independent institute for undergraduates named the Nanjing Broadcasting Institute has been established through corporation running. There are 32 undergraduate majors with 9000 students in the NBI now.



Shenzhen Media Group
People's Government of Shenzhen Nanshan District



Shenzhen Handle Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Handle Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (Handle) is a company specialized in cultural industry investment and operation. Handle adheres to four principles in investment
(I) Every project must have the cell of reform and innovation;(II) Every project must value social benefit above economic benefit;(III) Achieve win-win results of the enterprise and stakeholders with reasonable profit ;( IV) Adhere to the concept of sustainable operation and be a socially responsible public organization.
Guided by the concept that "Professionalism leads to success", based on the high-caliber professional investment team and executive team, Handle has created a lot of successful cases.
During 2011-2013, Handle has done copyright investments in TV play Go in for Business, TV play Lady She Xiang, TV play Love in the Family,animated TV Crazy Candy, all aired on CCTV. Handle also successfully operated a Guqin concert in Shenzhen Theatre during China International Cultural Industries Fair. Moreover, a reality 3D film The Monkey King which Handle invested was a blockbuster.
Handle steps into documentary industry in 2014. On March, Handle signed a contract with China Science Film and Video Association, bringing the 8th China International Conference of Science and Education Producers (CICSEP) into Shenzhen. By hosting CICSEP, Handle determines to enter into the high quality science documentary acquisition and coproduction in the next 3 years, to explore a new market for science popularization industry.