CICSEP 2019 Successfully Held in Shenzhen
CICSEP 2019 "China Dragon Awards" Winners List
CICSEP 2019 "China Dragon Awards" Calling for Entries
CICSEP 2016 "China Dragon Awards" Winners List
CICSEP 2016 “China Dragon Awards”Submission Guidelines
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Who will come?
1 Keiko Bang, CEO & Founder, Bang Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2 Alessandro Griffini, President,International Association for Media in Science
3 Markus Nikel, Consultant of International Coproduction of Documentaries,RAI
4 Paul Lewis, Board Member, WCSFP/President, Great Pacific Media
5 Martin Alexander, Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies & Harvest Films
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CCTV - literally, China Central TV Station. CCTV based in Beijing, is actually the National TV of China.  It has 6,000 personels and owns 15 Channels all of which cover the whole territory of China.   CCTV is the largest and most authoritative TV station in China.

CCTV-1    the main channel of CCTV.

CCTV-2    economy channel.

CCTV-3   stage show channel.

CCTV-4   international channel

CCTV-5   sports channel.

CCTV-6   movie channel.

CCTV-7   agriculture & military

CCTV-8   soap opera channel

CCTV-9   English channel.

CCTV-10  science, culture and education channel

CCTV Music

  Beijing TV


Anhui TV

Fujian TV

Gansu TV

Guangdong TV

Guangxi TV

Sichuan TV

Hainan TV

Hebei TV

Henan TV

Heilongjiang TV

Hubei TV

Hunan TV

Jilin TV

Jiangsu TV

Jiangxi TV


Liaoning TV

Neimenggu TV

Ningxia TV

Qinghai TV

Shandong TV

Shanxi TV

Shanxi TV

Shanghai TV

Sichuan TV


Tianjin TV

Xinjiang TV

Xizang TV

Yunnan TV

Zhejiang TV

Chongqing TV