CICSEP 2019 "China Dragon Awards" Calling for Entries
CICSEP 2016 "China Dragon Awards" Winners List
CICSEP 2016 “China Dragon Awards”Submission Guidelines
CICSEP 2014 China Dragon Awards Winners List
Directions to Pavilion Hotel Shenzhen from HK Airport
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Who will come?
1 Keiko Bang, CEO & Founder, Bang Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2 Alessandro Griffini, President,International Association for Media in Science
3 Markus Nikel, Consultant of International Coproduction of Documentaries,RAI
4 Paul Lewis, Board Member, WCSFP/President, Great Pacific Media
5 Martin Alexander, Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies & Harvest Films
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CICSEP 2016 Session Topics

CICSEP 2019 Panel Topics to be Updated

CICSEP 2016  Panel Topics

Panel: How to Tell Stories of Science

Panel: Visualising Storytelling in Science

Panel: Adventures in Transmedia Storytelling Online

Panel: Narratives for Producing the Future

Panel: How to Tell Stories of Natural Science

Panel: How to Tell Stories of Science to Younger Audience

Panel: How to Tell China Story